Puppet-Shamans of Clear Light

Mindfire Cantata

puppet https://www.pinterest.com/jadecampbell/sculpture-puppetry-automada/

….. the collection of different types of emptiness was impressive in its compactness. Infinite variance, yet altogether fitting in a back pocket. The filling-space of alveoli, the blankness of un-graffitied sidewalk, the gap between front teeth, the memory hole of those who never remembered dreams, the corpseless tomb of Jesus, the untouched airspace within a ballpoint pen, the denotation of a Cartesian grid, the phantom quality of the grid itself, the unfilled-in technical specifications of Calvin’s transmogrifier & duplicator, the 4 chambers of a heart drained empty, the air torus in tires, the spaces between sounds or notes in music, the static or quiet of a radio station off air, the hypothesized taste of words left unspoken, the clear light of Buddhism, the mass dimension of those mega trillions of photons, & the lack of mice in unset traps.

In aping the rhetoric of others, one accrues signifiers one…

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