Little Bird Rabbit Hole

Lost in Mist

Bottomless pit
My ability to unbalance
Twitter good for engagement, yet –
Alarming drop-tops circle-swarm the block
Aloof crustaceans bloom without second glance
Alacrity chases & twizzles
Too many things are broken without cause

Check marks are unstable
Nothing remains completed – yet.
[hm. the other apartment’s cat was bound to come in eventually, since I leave the window open for mine. We will have a cat fight on our hands later…]
But some now slated once done, will stay done. _ .

New Message of the Day at Psychic Fugue Studio. The target is now ~2 a week, not every day. Also, in case you missed it, I’ve been selected a March poet for Tupelo Press’ 30/30 Project. My fundraising page is now live at Network for Good. Help me reach my goal! Also, book subscriptions for any year 2009-2017 count towards the fundraising goal. Looks like you may…

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