Hexylmathemagica @/-> Aumakua


Discordian Postcard Conspiracy
Series B, #176

From a March Tupelo Press 30/30 poet

Introspecting over the imp-
lements of propaganda, one
gives 3 thoughts to the
aumakuas delineated in the
exchange on principles of
Hexylmathemagica.. Most
of what was heard floating
about the rumor mill had the
character of expected dissolut-
ion of the authoritarians’
constellation of influence.
Yet the rumor mill was no
guarantee of the future. Word
on the street & graffiti pointed “resist”

To a staffer at meditation publication

Image: olukai.com : journal : url image : Google Image terms: aumakua graffiti

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9 responses to “Hexylmathemagica @/-> Aumakua

    • It’s a made up word. echoing ‘mathemagician’ and Douglas Hofstadter’s “Metamagical Themas”, (which I haven’t read), and, as I’ve been at times using a creativity seeding/divination tool that uses dice and coins to select symbols (dice => hexyl coding).. first used in ‘DextroHexyl Obverse Code’: http://tribalephemeral.tumblr.com/post/152442391806/dextrohexyl-obverse-code
      Also, ‘mathematica’ is a standard computer mathematics program in colleges &, I think, Industry.
      As in Americana or Apocalyptica (though that second may be my coinage, too), could refer to any literature or collectibles or whatnot ( -a suffix) related to hexylmathemagics . As to Aumakua, I just added something to wikipedia in that article:
      “In the 1993 novel The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk, Aumakua is discussed as a synonym for the ‘oversoul’ or ‘morphogenetic field’ of a virus as a collective entity in the ch’i world. The virus is a major plot device. [6]”

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