Today is an Echo Day

Today is an Echo Day, in American notation anyway (2/17/2017) the month and day echo the year number. The rules here being that you can break the numbers anywhere and discard either or both zeros in the year, but not change the order of the whole number.

The 14th to the 20th centuries, I think, each had only 1 echo day (e.g. 1/9/1900), since there are no months above 12. Cases where both zeros are used are even rarer (10/10/1010 being the only example I’ve thought of). We are currently on the 17th of a sequence of 28 February echo days each year (2001-2028), and all leap years, at least recently, if it hadn’t registered on you, are even, so there will be no Echo on 2/29/2029, or for that matter, any Echo Leap Day for a long time. There will also be Echoes each decade on 2/x/20×0, as well as 2/1x/21×0 and 2/2x/22×0 (except 2290). Since there are no months numbered 2x, 3x, etc, all the echo days of 3000-3999 will be in March [if’n we even make it to 2200…].

Probably no special mathematical properties in the pattern, but I think it’s cool, cuz there’s only one echo per year in 2001-2028, and after that, they become rarer again. If you celebrate Pi Day, bad news, you’re gonna have to stick around until 3/14/3014 to celebrate an echo Pi Day (also 3/14/3140), and Christmas echoed only on 12/25/1225 (sorry, believers!).

Otherwise, special Holidays and Birthdays and Anniversaries that land in February may land on an Echo this century, particularly if on 2/18-2/28. Leap day babies may have the distinction of holding the rarest of all Echoes on the calendar.

Registered observances odd or otherwise, on this Echo Day include:

*Champion Crab Races Day: 17 Link
*My Way Day: 17
*National PTA Founders Day: 17 Link
Random Acts of Kindness Day: 17  Link (Thursday of Second Full Week) (Note: Also on September 1.)  Also, RAK Friday is Nov. 24.  NOTE: Chases Calendar of Events lists this on the 17th. But, the description says it’s on the “Thursday” of Random Acts of Kindness Week. That would make it on the 16th.  But, it’s on the 17th in the book, which is a Friday. Confused?  So, I’m listing it on the 17th this year because  it’s on that page in the book and the website isn’t specific.  My gut feeling is that it’s  really on Thursday, 16th,  because they do have a Random Acts of Kindness Friday Day on Nov. 24.
World Information Architecture Day: 17 Link  Link (Third Friday)
*World Human Spirit Day: 17

Credit for the list above, and to see listings of all other possible Echo Holidays in the next 11 years, see Brownielocks

Note that World Human Spirit Day, Random Acts of Kindness Day, and World Information Architecture Day will not echo again until 2/17/2170, and after that, not until the calendar is reset, or after year 20000.

The book “Talk Up Your Book” suggests using the weird holidays listings as excuses/nuclei to promote events, readings, promotions, etc….

Fun stuff to look forward to, Echo Best Friends Day in 2020, Echo World Bartender Day in 2024, and Working Naked Day in 2030…

Also of note, todays Word of the Day for the famous is “gerrymander”


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