Series B – Cards #99-104

Poetic Postcards


Smelting the whales’ bones in
the absence of nitrogen rend-
ers switchflipped antimatter….
All on the other methodical
palm, some snails were pon-
dering new prions for the
bipeds… But not to be said
or skewered, one before the
other was most unwound….
In all the alien alkaloid
grasses was a semblance of
other, a purpose for truth,
a notion of weatherbeaten
robustness, a concept of love.

::: continuation… of sending surprises to therapists in the 20003 and 10022 nearby areas :::

In the annals of dream-
time, there were many that
exceeded what most believ-
ed were hard boundaries…
This one is unique, to our
knowledge, but our knowl-
edge is really quite small.
The keys, however, are pref-
erably not blurted out every-
where. In times of rain, in
times of dust, in times of
each carefully selecting
their own singular tesserae,
we star on the…

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