The Manhattan Project Fallacy -Adam Elkus


“Much of the world’s social problems arise from technical rationality and its bureaucratic “technology” run amok. More of the same is not a solution but part of the very problem that technical rationality supposedly is supposed to solve.”

“Computational intractability proved to be the most significant technical and scientific obstacle to be solved, necessitating the usage of elaborate approximation methods. Of course, the distinction between engineering and “social engineering” lies in the fact that the latter involves the large-scale manipulation of human behavior instead of schedules or numerical parameters.”

2 thoughts on “The Manhattan Project Fallacy -Adam Elkus

  1. Balance, individually, not socially, is the correction. It has been perceived and handled as though this begins socially, but it does not. And why manipulation doesn’t work — if it DID begin at the largest level and work inward, it would be successful. No: It merely fragments society, makes individuals dubious about BEING individual, creates self-imposed static which, even worse, masquerades as clarity because of the ‘manipulation’. Well then. What do I mean by ‘balance’? You’ve got to enjoy and learn how to read both extremes of each experience (as much as all of the interior of it). If you select one at the desperate cost of not being exposed to the other, this is not balance. Leads to jadedness when one does find luxury or pleasure as equally as it does to despair when one lacks them. It doesn’t have to be as such — and shouldn’t be. Life exists in all of these forms.

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    1. Systematic changes are proposed and enacted though.. Through methods profuse. But the system is non-determinable. Parts click off parts click off parts click off dreams click off people click off chemical stressors (alcohol tobacco and caffeine, particular) click people and toddlers against each other. Centralised authoritarian edicts are transmitted and obeyed, or not. They SSI disability checks are cut or cancelled. arrests are made at the sole discretion of the officer. Malicious gossip or acclimation arise spontaneously or partly by way of conscious influence of some low-profiled persons.
      But ever it is like billiard balls in infinite dimensioned chess. My postcards sent into the void have unknown effects on the addressee. some may be immediately profound. Most will be more meh. some will be scorned and immediately discarded, yet may plant a mind seed that grows over months or years.
      I do always so love your comments.


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