Return of PoeticPostcards

Poetic Postcards has returned from it’s extended break! First post in a while: Series B, #17-#23

Goonflower –

Today I begin a phase where I am sending cards largely to people involved in the ‘helping’ industries (Websites involved in therapy, transformation, what have you.. individual practitioners.. & more..)

Seeing none but the mirror,
yet in that glass, 1000
faces. Seeming ever to
be ready, yet alas, cann-
ot coax them out. While
no demonoids tagged along
this eve, yet I was put in
mind of their tricksy ways.
All under the apotheosis of
anarchy, I exited the wash
room with new resolve. Seeing
as all had detangled, I took
a new spring in my step.


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