[edit: huge mess of many autocorrect fuck ups fixed]

Stomach crying its emptiness

Head unpleasant too

Both becoming lessened by seconds

Time ticks on and the device shifts

Phenibut is amazing for dreams

None the last 3+ months

This is something else entirely

But should you wish to hack and crack the sleep of the powerful

Consider phenibut, and aniracetam (but do not brinf large doses of p to a sudden stop)

In the panpsychism and pantheism

In the splittikins and remergings of event/reality spaces and groups

In the limited options of OTCs, herbals, alcohols, tobaccos, . . .

And now feeling entirely better again, after the brief lie down . . .

And a bit of psychedelic verse

Yet shifting…

This brief descent into the verbal and textual plane

Drops me back to sobriety, even while it stopped pain

New protocol, 4, 3, 2, 3. .. (4left)  separated

And yet still too hot for a stroll,

But cigarette and drink, palatable again

The loveliness of evening

Hypnosis of goals, not yet, perhaps later

Shifting feelings untoward and unclaimed

Forget critics and bask in pleasance and joy

Lose not self, nor compromise

Stretch beer with splashes of herb tea and juice and ice

Consider the passionflower and St John’s wort of the field

They do not spin, neither do they toil . . .

Applications against alcohol notwithstanding

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