Status of Forces

My to do list is continuously growing and I don’t have a paper to hand in today, but my website traffic is surging and my google+ that no one (5 people now but it was no one last time I checked) follows and I haven’t posted to since mid november has nearly 8000 views and I dont have time to write a paper to-day, (maybe after class) but I do have some time to make up “Are You an Anarchist? The Answer May Surprise You” pamphlets with relevant links to the Oxygen Catastrophe and some business cards with also relevant links (the pamphlets for the class)… (the business cards for the campus) … Need to switch from the “multitasking and web design” hypnosis (the best yet!) to the “homework” hypnosis. My hypnotist is great.

Top post on that google+ on google search is Breads Will Roll 2 by resarfpoetry


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