I am sorry to leave but I am becoming nothing.

great title

Doofus & a Half

i don’t think I’ve ever been so hurt by you than that time i came back from the bathroom in math class and saw the empty desk next to mine
you plucked the strings right out of the insides of my heart

i’m going to vomit and i’m okay with that because at least it would be something to cover up the stench of your betrayal
behind my hard candy shell there’s a person in there who cannot bear that her best friend betrayed her

i was the pebbles in the corner of your room but you were not there
these people are temporary
can’t you see that?
don’t you realize i’m the real thing beneath all that crap?

i will admit they are fun to play with, they are easy to look at, but they are not good people
i understand they’re are shiny, tempting as fruit, but you’re…

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