Each to the one becomes the all, but to those of you who miss, are forever lost, or so the story goes… but the all to the many are the other, or so we imagine…. while the all to the few are the pointless, or so we know

But in each and every time there was one who said otherwise
In each and every time there were multidimensional games of newly invented rules
In each and every time, were wascally wabbits
Wabbits, motherfucker. That’s what I said.
And so be it and so be it and so be it. I do not care in the least, nor do I bear any enduring respect, if this thought is ever found true
But the temerity of it all
Of the innocence of the stage of transients
Of the loss of all the minds
Of the functioning of the apportionment of the divisions of the markets
Of the clews of the giant eagle eyeing you hungrily
Dismantle and respect, but do not hesitate to bring unto yourself hatred and derision
Forever and ever and ever, amen


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