Review of James Radcliffe’s ‘Present Reflections’ ambient album

Let me say first that James Radcliffe is at Here, for his blog on the music for the album, the album is here, and other albums are here. The deluxe version has three track that are duplicates of others except they are 11.5 minutes instead of 5.5 minutes. One of those and its 5.5 minute version are only on the deluxe. That would be track 5 and 8. The album is 3 pounds, or two for the 4 track album. My notes from the 3rd listen are mostly as follows:

Very Beautiful. Very Calming. Powerful. Good for early morning or late evening relaxation or meditation. Worth the 3 pounds.

Track 1. Repeating slow tones. A feeling of orange. Cello and piano. The cello pulsing. The piano repeating a tone.

Track 2. A bit higher background energy. Still relaxing. Less pulsing. Buzzing. Some cello tones in the foreground. foreground less prominent.

Track 3. More repeating piano or synth. But with multiple tones per repetition. The cello coasting in and out.Also beautiful and relaxing.

Track 4. A double tone and a continuous string. A bit more dissonance to the foreground intentionally. A bit more variability to the foreground. Still very nice. Still very chill.

Bonus Track 5. Orinal 5.5 minutes track. Higher energy foreground. Rapid cycling strings. Reminiscent of bees. Followed by higher pitched string impinging at various points. The bees may be intended as back ground but the intensity makes them read as foreground. I find it less relaxing, though still powerful. Some more varied to the fore in two places. With a building energy and loudness. Ringing you out with those at the end.

Bonus track 6. Longer version of 1.

Bonus track 7. Longer version of two.

Bonus track 8. Longer version of bonus track 5.

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