How is it possible that I’ve been in this city 5 years?
That is an unholy long time
But the prescription for omeprazole (double prilosec) says 2010 and begins to smell funny
From the weeks when I couldn’t easily hold food and puked in that breakfast restaurant’s parking lot
in front of my dad
Who encouraged me to see a doctor
Before I had been forced down by circumstances
With no treatments
Before I was banned from five bars
Including my favorite
(I wrecked my car and still think I may have been drugged by that sketchy douche)
I still see the most common afternoon bartender .
Had coffee with her in November and have texted since
Trying to set up another
She doesnt have a car though,
So she can’t come to my healing party
I am breaking out of the shell and realizing self-actualization
I already was some, but the naltrexone seems to be providing strong help
As does the dxm and venlafaxine
And of course the endless pages of poetry


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