Slipping on the chunks of pickled brains, demonoid slew the zombies
All the people rallied to his nobility of emptiness
Charging, they all learned to discharge the ether-arms they possessed, and yet did not, within their auras, freeing the soils of the possessed, and/or consumed, yet still, see disclaimer, warranty, and EULA
The tremendous and unwavering gravity of the manifestos, being thusly unheard, and yet…
And it was ever thus and so.
Yet thus it was never so.
So we went on thusly, capturing hapless fireflies, beacons to our hands, and disseminating the doctrine of the 99 Red Balloons and I Love Rock And Roll ever on into the fog
So we came by our masses and demanded a Standard of Living
But the hungry ghosts with their 6000 salaries per person mobilized their shills
No, that word should not be used as insult.
What should we call these most un-demonoid beings of human height and type?
Most besotted of power
We wait for the inspiration particles

We have no words


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