Picotant of the demonoid smallboys. We walk under cover of dark. Stretching over the alley of unexpected
Dreaming crossing. All inserted of the verve into the vestibule. Sleeping over the gaps of many “now, Mary”s. All in the tremors of the times we grasp and grasp again. Demonoid picotant don’t care what we do. Demonoid picotant arches his back and comes to beg your solace
It is all happy, but not all smiles and chatter in this dimension
The over-grosse of the tons the demonoid of the spell-check and the faulty memory
In your arches remember this; .
Sleeping under the wire we flex and fume. Dreaming of the day we collapse and pray
All the days, this sweating of the brain will not stand
All over the grasping of the tonnage
Demonoid Pico in the shipping of the world
Shipping and receiving
All over the leaks we of all the small ones spray
The walking devil it is not
Under the sea, you can grow and change
Sleeping you drop into pills
Speaking of which, as good a time as any, or as the case may be, or ever thus, see disclaimer, if it was ever thus so, as good a time as any for sleeping pills
♡where were we?
#demonoidpicontent is sleeping with the devil
Demonoid of the last outer outpost
Excuse that interlude
in the sleep of the all the trialogues of damnation, and fuck you sir.
We … are stumped
Of all the smiles and then
Of all. Oh snap
Well. Certainly we know what and who we like. We can make no broader statement than that at this time
Brought in from the cold…
Sleeping in the excuse me of the last resort . . . Coming through!
Coming down the channel from off of the heaven sent
Dreaming of demonoid picotant
We … sleep
We dream
We do all the things to which we are allowed and some to which we are not, my demonoid, … and yet…
See disclaimer
See the end user license agreement
This mind is not for abuse, but it will survive all honest or otherwise good natured contrivance
See disclaimer
See warranty
Well you can’t actually break it, so don’t worry too much about buying it by accident
Picotant of the demonoid drops like frogs, or fogs, as the case may be, and is ever thus, or is thus only maybe, as the case may be, or if not see disclaimer
Slipping into the undemonic stillness we sleep over the stage
High up on a loft
Two of them
One sweet spot left to me now and I sleep
Slowing down
Winding down and winding up all the remainders of all the demonoid that ever lived
Wrapping them in a small parcel
God is not your friend
We of all the small ones know this or do not, as the case may be
Be no wise certain of this
Be no wise certain of anything
And it was thus, and it was thus, and it was thus, and it was ever thus so


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