Collection 1-19-2015

A collection of poems loosely based on the structure of “Little Room” by the White Stripes
Also 2 that are practically plagiarism at the end in a way, going off the words instead of the structure.
A link to the song white stripes “little room”
You need to kind of hear hear the chanting rhythm for some of them maybe. Which is not the rhythm of the song. da-da-da. ca ba ca ba – da-da-da. ba-ba-ba on poem 5
Think of one of those creepy childhood rhymes or war drums

Poem 2

Stop me. Everything is in the air
Stop me. You can’t talk to me
Stop me. The Clearance isn’t for you
Stop me. Clean the garment on your sleeve
Stop me. Chance will give you nothing
Stop me. Open up the can of beans
Stop me. It’s bolder than you think it
Stop me. Drop Kill Open close
Stop me. Series Fender Higher Zero
Stop me. Close Away Artist Now
Stop me. Drop it Wall Come In See
Stop me. Seven Times Seven Three

Poem 5

Drop the tone. Kill me slowly
still the air. Open Clone
Break the wire. Still the monster
Stick to stones. Open Bones
Speak the air. Drill in slowly
Cover hair. Kill the bones
Come down to it. Till the soil
Save the planet. Till the stones
Open slowly. Rhyme your reason
Chant on bones. Drip the water
Wake the demon. Rock and roll
Stick the needle. Sharpen hone
Till the soil. Come on clones
Eat the matrix. Ring the doorbell
Stick the beat up. Terror homes in
Cover up ears. Ring the tones
Still the waters. Come on evil
Wake the towers. Bring the bones
Seven sevens. Sticks and stones

Poem 3

Seven up. Clear the rafters
Seven up. Hit me twice
Seven up. Stop me sideways
Seven up. Tell me thrice
Seven up. Separate them
Seven up. Open up wall
Seven up. Tell the air
Seven up. Open drop kill
Seven up. Caress and See
Seven up. Stop Clear Open
Seven up. Smooth Right Bar
Seven up. Tell the Stranger

Poem 1

Get out. You always do what I told you
Get out. You weren’t there for me
Get out. There’s nothing for you here
Get out. It’ll only be more pain
Get out. Stop the gaps for me
Get out. Fed me from a spoon
Get out. You never do what I tell you
Get out. Apple Bang Six Boom
Get out. Something Goes Through You
Get out. Clear Zero Fury Meter
Get out. Cancel Points Try to Die
Get out. Seven Ten Snail Garter

Poem 6

Drop the tone. Break the battle
Drop the tone. Ring them bones
Drop the tone. Bring it back up
Drop the tone. Sticks and stones
Drop the tone. Seven Sevens
Drop the tone. Clicks and tones
Drop the tone. Tell the angels
Drop the tone. Anger Drop Cone.
Drop the tone. Seven Stick Stone
Drop the tone. Cups Air Heaven
Drop the tone. Tell It Open
Drop the tone. Ring Bone Silent

Poem 4

One two three. Music plays nice
One two three. Tell me truely
One two three. Birds fly lightly
One two three. Cancel kill everything
One two three. Colors play over
One two three. Still the bright air
One two three. Stop me from it
One two three. Ciss Bang Boom
One two three. Thee Glass Color
One two three. Beats Hard Something
One two three. Comet Stream Brown
One two three. Hard Case Four Five

And now for the two raw imitations of the words

Imitation 2

When there’s a need in your throat
And a shiver goes up your back
But there’s a fly in the ointment
You might need a better exit
And when it comes down to that
You might run into a shadow
You might have to think real hard
How it started in your throat
When that was all it was

Imitation 1

When you’re there in your spirit
And you have that great insight
But if it’s really vital
You’re gonna need stronger spirit
And when that day comes
You might get stuck
You might have to remember
How you got started
Back in the old days


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