A Christmas Poem

A non-arachnoid robot for Christmas
He sends his signal to your base
The off channel beating causes a short
Come tomorrow no one will remember
As he crawls under the tree you see
Some lead lined tupperware for your fridge
You come to agreement on it’s utility
Some religious banter ensues
The pies are spoiling in the oven
The children run ragged around your ankles
The uncle suffers from politics
He makes a ribald attack of jesting
From lack of constants
But the variables are all inappropriate
Come tomorrow rude comments will be made
But disagreements do not quite wait for the day
It is un-PC to bring this up
The Reds are selling newspapers
The republic bleeds from the nose
It’s wounds are self inflicted
Someone says in response
A clarity settles in your eyes
As he sputters his rebuttal
But no one tells you what to think of your bounty
Complete instructions are provided
For edutainment purposes only
A need for strong drink wraps Mom’s mind
A long dinner lies ahead
Annoying carols spend drivel on the stereo
You come to a realization of futility
A need for silence encloses the room
And no one does anything for the climate


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