Things get a little easier

Things get a little easier
Eating through the days’ time
Not wanting to nap all day (and being unable to)
Take care of yourself
But what can I do?
Cleaning, self-inquiry, cooking, blogging
Not in shape for web-design- or art-
Portfolio building just yet
When you run out of cleaning that’s when
You do art
Check Mechanical Turk transcription more thoroughly
Two point five more days until
More time still until therapy
What of work market?
You don’t have the right skills
Or not without a car
But someday still–
Check it
When the cards very specifically say
The partnership is a hindrance
And the chosen guru says otherwise – well
On the current track that was months off yet
No need to worry about resolving it right now
What will I do while this treatment program progresses
Aside from day dream
Let’s get a website built
But not yet.
First clean the house
Tackle the depression
Later we can talk about
Contracting the website
And the server administration
When I’m sober longer, maybe


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