On that note- a dream

Recently had an interesting dream. Playing some nine inch nails out in winter-city-night. possible ‘wish’ or ‘gave up’ whichever one starts with ‘perfect little dream / the kind that hurts the most’ . Then in a bathroom yellow lit with big Python up on the shower rod. Coiled, not entwined (on not around). Something about this dream seemed highly significant. The place was pretty yellow too. The light like ‘the day the world went away’ music video. I was going through a stack of CDs. In addition to nine inch nails there was a CD of Queen playing cover songs and a Primus disc. For some reason I settled on Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver (a primus song).  All seemed right with the world, snake included. All that gobbledygook from the bible about snakes doesn’t crop up until one is awake.


Incidentally if the above thing (last post) about ‘fish’ proved true, we could give up radio. You’d have to give up a lot of technology. And check to see if there is a change in the radio background noise a few years after we developed radio.


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