Dot Gap {Summer Archives #16}

Dot Gap


. _ _


undertones of dirtyness

singled out on the wall of pride

what are you proud of ?

what are the rest of us proud of ?

dot gap . _

what now? yo?

where are we?

why exactly have we come here?

what is to be done then?

Yes; I knew your answer before it was recorded


The idea of starting a local conversation on & generally thinking about what we are proud of comes via the section on the Iron Pentacle in ‘Evolutionary Witchcraft’ — reclaiming pride from the historical injunctions against it as ‘sin’ — distinguishing pride from arrogance. Not something I have actually tried out on other people yet. The fact that it feels squingy and awkward to think about may tell us something…


Effusive praise and venomous criticism goes here. We also like discussion & shares! :

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