The Best Way

jhgfkjPowered on lights
Leaching energy away
We cannot afford this legacy
Trying to leave the animal body unnoticed
Lost in words & electrochemical comfort
Letting the administration of our societies
Fall to chance & manipulation
A higher order of action is needed
But who will heal the sick?
Who will breath life into their constrictions?
Healing comes ultimately from within
We need strong, empowered people
The environment can support or restrict also
In a land devoid of exemplary, devoid of efforts to join
Healing is difficult indeed
Bombarded by messages of insignificance & unworthiness & sales pitches
Prying loose is hard
Finding something else to attach to, also hard
Making your own wheels amidst a mass of distracted
Even more so
bbopp“There is no easy pass”
The work begins now
“The past is gone, the future begins now”
We must all look to the future
Do we all have unique gifts?
How do we come to know what we desire?
Meeting the limitless is the effort of a life
The best way to further our true goals
Is to increase the possibilities of choices for others
Their efforts & alterations can multiply
Far more than our solitary choices
Those of you wishing to make a change
To make a future to the seventh generation
A challenge:
Step out of your homes, jobs, towers
What can be done to build power and connections
Among your communities
What gift can you bring to raise their power?
It is not easy
Many will be indifferent, hostile, incapacitated
Persist and try new alleyways
The first success will lift all the yeses
The second success will begin to lift the nos
Go forth, cocreateoohi

Recommended: “Make Magic of Your Life” T. Thorn Coyle

Probably going to do some brief reviews or descriptions of what’s on my shelf later on.




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