baraA warped mind
A warped perspective
A warped interpretation of history
Warped moral frameworks
Warped media portrayals
The actions of a warped individual
“This warped critique of modern life in America…”
“The novel’s comically warped protagonist…”
Warped wood
A time warp
Warp factor ten
A space warp – a wormhole
Isn’t space warped by Einstein?
A semantic warp on the intertubez
To cross again is not to cross
The intersection of comically warped identity politics, misguided culture warriors, and delusional ~~~ethics, and emotionally inflamed, content-free stories
(Wait, that’s the last Fox News segment I saw)

barcHis emotions deranged by a warped alignment of the moon, ~~~Chiron, and Pluto in Scorpio
The warp and the woof
The sound and the fury
(d: foundation, base, with vigorously self-referential example)
“This warped travesty of interior design” (or a play, a novel, romanticism, a customer service department, etc.)
Warped Violins, guitars, and drumheads
Metal does not warp after tempering, it merely bends
The warped tour
One warped poet
And my favorite, the inspiration:
Photoshop’s “Puppet Warp”
Breathing walls of mushrooms
And “after his warped epiphany, Charles Manson…” (or L. Ron Hubbard, Jim Jones, Carrot Top, Les ~~~Claypool, Turd Blossom, etc.)
See also: Deranged
As in deranged cats
Rabid dogs
Rabid dogs
William Chester Minor
and other strange lexicographers
Nero, Dandelions, Unicorns
a giant neon ghost
et al.

barbnote: ‘psyops’ has been added to the dictionary in 2013

may be liked by harm-less drudge-ery

u13The meaning “twist out of shape” is first recorded c.1400;


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