News items of interest

Some recent news which has particularly caught my interest

UK Faces Food Security Catastrophe With Decline in Pollinators

Public Protests About Political Gagging Law to Affect Charities and Activist Groups

Primary campaign group:

On the realities of poverty in America, opposing the myth machines

Burglars who exposed FBI actions against dissent and the peace and civil rights movement tell the public

(1970s) ““It wasn’t just spying on Americans,” said Loch K. Johnson, a professor of public and international affairs at the University of Georgia who was an aide to Senator Frank Church, Democrat of Idaho. “The intent of Cointelpro was to destroy lives and ruin reputations.”

Stale but still aweful:

I Ching today:

000  – –  x  —
001  —     —
011   – –     – –
011   – –     – –
001  —     —
001  —     —

60 Limitations >>> 61 Inner Truth

The changing line is on how limitations too severe are self defeating, bringing physical imbalance in the realm of asceticism and revolt in the realm of governance.

In the case of the UK story this seems to apply to the lobbying law. Also in trying to eliminate pest insects we encourage their eventual rebound in epidemic proportions (not in story) and decimate the natural populations we rely on for food pollination. Actually I can see it in all five stories.

Posts to come later. Image borrowed from

Also Global Marches Against Monsanto, GMOs

Although I don’t know if all their claims are valid, it does seem to me that GMOs are not proven safe, particularly if some virus began moving the terminator gene or roundup gene to other parts of the food web. Outside possibility, but the longer we keep this up the more likely it will become.


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