The Power to Name *


to name gives power.
some things can be called many conflicting names.
which names you choose
depend on you.
which names you use can
(will) alter the course of the thing
or person
so named.
if they are vulnerable
they can be shoved further and further down.
be carefull of which names you use.
face the mirror with your words
before throwing them at another
(the other).
one who has found (is in) strength may instead
move further into opposition
to respond to thoughtless names
the wheel will event-ually spin in
your direction as well
[ it never stops / i know it’s golden ]
the use of powerful & empowering names
is advised
[ it’s the music that we choose ]
thought collage
seeds of a mighty deep rooted elm
to be fed by the golden sun
social mycelium ( i ching # 13 )
reaching the depths of the moon
bearing many progeny
blowin’ up yo’ speakers
with that kickin’ <u>LOVE</u> Power
[ I like that Boom Boom Pow ]




“Ice Melter
Definitely Poison
Do Not Consume”
Is the ‘Definitely’ really necessary?
Brought a smile to me though.

coin purses
more &
satchels and bags
want many
money little


note: some fitting pictures omitted due to uncertainty about lack of release forms

note: pics CC by me. Please do not reveal authors name.


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