My article for / Harsh Reality’s Project O

Project O – Article #78: Secret – USA (Scheduled for 9-20 @ 06:00)


Name: secret

Website: secret

Website: (Verses of My Destruction)

Twitter: @secret

Email: (rarely checked, since i use it essentially only for blog.


Question 1: Please provide a window into who you are, some background information in a not too overwhelming profile here. I am allowing you as the writer to immediately connect with your audience so take advantage. Remember the point of ordering these questions is to arrange this project so it is easy for comparison and not to constrain you as the writer. Write as long as you need to for each question to get your point across just remember not to lose the reader.

I am a person of high intelligence, I actually see everyone, just about, as that way, but people tell me I am unusual (note that high intelligence does not actually make one prone to conventional ‘good’ decisions). I come from somewhere down south (USA) that does excessive amounts of highly secret engineering work (weapons, NASA, internet, spying, etc), although I do not live there now. I was voted, unless my memory plays tricks on me, ‘most likely to be a political prisoner’ in high school. I use drugs (rarely now, often as a younger man. The war on drugs must end. I am very interested in sustainability, growing food, and community building. Dating is my greatest challenge these days. I would prefer to do something like serving for work over something very intellectual, but I have promised to finish my bachelor’s degree…


Question 2: If you haven’t already done so please provide your country of origin, whether you are male or female, an age would be nice, and where you currently live if that differs from the country of origin. If you are in America this might be a nice time to explain what state you are from. Also try to give us a brief view of your current neighbourhood and what it is like in as specific terms as you like. Why is this important? I believe our surroundings and where we come from have a strong impact on our development of opinions. It would also be highly likely that depending on the safety of the country might also determine how willing one is to express their opinions aloud. Does sex also have something to do with this, as well as age? These are all characteristics that can definitely affect a person’s outlook.

Man 29 USA Louisville currently. I think that the other students in my classes become intimidated by my inability to repress my comments, particularly the women. I understand that this is an endemic and longstanding problem historically… In the interests of anonymity, I dont want to disclose too much about my neighborhood… suffice it to say that I live in a wealthy-ish neighborhood but would prefer to move to the hippie neighborhood, but am trapped for at least a couple years due to circumstances. Grew up in an expensive area of suburbia (although far cheaper in that town than it would have been elsewhere) There was very little resembling city life there. It ‘burbs as far as the eye could see, due to the town/city’s short history.


Question 3: Recount the first time you remember having a differing opinion from someone significantly older than you. Do you remember what the topic was about? Did you voice your opinion or hold it to yourself?

Not a bit. My parents used to talk about ‘cutting the plug off the nintendo’ growing up and later told stories about this. I do recall a disagreement with a middle school art teacher when i altered my project ‘off-script’ as it were. and also a 6th grade parent teacher conference when i had decided my science homework was a pointless exercise for a few weeks. and one time in8th grade a family member mentioned ‘the electric kool aid acid test’ and then said ‘you didnt hear that’ so of course i bought it at the first opportunity.


Question 4: What levels of respect were practiced around you when you were a child? Was there bowing involved, handshakes, “yes Sirs and yes Ma’am’s,” or some other equivalent respectfulness in your culture’s tongue? Is an honorific given to someone older than you and do you often respect and practice that? How might the culture you were brought up in have affected the growth of your own opinions?


Not a ton of the formal stuff. I did go to a fairly uptight (in the aspiring-to-upperclass way, not the fundamentalist way) church as a boy… my friends as a boy were disrespectful of some people as school progressed after transferring to highschool and beyond i gradually found myself on the other side of the ‘in’ divide…


Question 5: How travelled are you and to what degree do you keep up with international news? You might also provide an educational background if you wish and if that education was gained from somewhere other than your current location. How available is the news and what goes on in the outside world to you in your country?

We have all the news you can shake a stick at, if you look for it, and i read a lot of it (*crossed fingers that Syria does not become WWIII*). have only been to rural Canada and various parts of the US though. ex-art student ex-IT-worker ex-server current art and tech student (gradually hating computers as the year goes by though. versed in a variety of counter-culture topics.


Question 6: If you could share an opinion on a single international incident or topic that you either feel strongly about or that might not be known to the rest of the world what would it be? You have our attention.

Legalise drugs, duh. it worked out OK in portugal. ‘bath salts’ (mostly completely unknown metcathinone derivatives, i think) would not be an issue if they didnt keep outlawing our known-safe compounds. @erowid etc harm reduction etc


Question 7: What does the right to an opinion mean to you? Is it essential to freedom to have this right? How far would you go to protect that ability? The world is on fire with people of passion, how passionate are you about things you value?

I am frequently not well enough for a fight/campaign unless it come to my doorstep. guerilla propaganda operations continue though. maybe by next year…. yes everyone has a right to an opinion. a neglected area of repression is the practice of psychiatry (people with no experience of mental illness or drug use with type A personalities and an unshakeable certainty in the rightness of their opinions are allowed to treat the mentally ill? And they rely on ONE SINGLE BOOK to inform them of what is and is not true? This is like putting a wing nut preacher in charge of the drug laws… oh, wait…) Yes people have a right to their opinions. They do not have a right to practice coercion though. I find coercion highly dubious under the most dire circumstances, and normally it is done for dumber reasons.


Question 8: Is it ever right for you to be allowed an opinion while someone else is denied that same right on the same topic?

I suppose not. See 7.


Question 9: The last question, upon completing this template and hopefully contemplating the issue what does this project mean to you? How can Project O potentially enlighten or help the world?


One never knows. This is where chaos theory comes in. Also its interesting that you named it project O for opinion, when your stated goal is ‘to *Offend everyone in the world’. I didn’t contemplate the issue much. My opinions are already well formed on these issues. I don’t try to force them on people though, so its allowed. ;p

Name: secret

Website: secret

Website: (Verses of My Destruction)

Twitter: @secret

Email: (rarely checked, since i use it essentially only for blog.

Project O


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