on todays headlines (navy yard shooter)

“SHOOTER HEARD VOICES”. Not relevant, sorry. Lots of people hear voices. I hear voices sometimes. Maybe it belongs in the article But not in 72-point bold capitals on the front page to headline. It just doesn’t matter. And you’re increasing the interesting stigmas I face on a daily basis. Bastard journalist/ newspaper editor. Asses. (as i edit the radio advertises a shotgun festival at a local bar… not that i am generally opposed to gun ownership… as Mother Theresa and Soyen Shaku said, they had never seen a country so rich and yet such a spiritual desert. that is an issue. it is still that way for most [all the domineering churches notwithstanding] http://deoxy.org/koan/22

edit: rest in peace Jimi Hendrix – 33rd anniversary of his death it seems. wikipedia says he was the top earning performer in the world at the time.


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