Update on me

May run out of juice at some point here
Someone at the studio has decided she wants to play office politics but with a sword. I think I won the popular vote. Hopefully the others don’t really feel as she says they do. If so they have been lying to me somewhat. haven’t been in touch yet.
Phone vanished again.
Something nasty grows on my foot. May have come from previous tenants of studio.
Went to philosophy club first time in a while.
Alcoholism went into remission while I was away from home, then the swordplay kicked it back on for a minute.
Searching for a friendly couch surf to run away from home for a few days. No takers. May do a meditation retreat instead. The only ones available on short notice are christian. I hear gethsemani are not too insistent about it though.
Other skin problems have also appeared.
Stack of 10ish poems awaiting typing.
No sleep until morning *sigh*
And no more battery.


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