Dragon Eggs

 1) The dragon oosphere rescinded thereto his stopover
 2) Insisting that we open sluices
 3) Or else sacrifice catchall aught
 4) Sending on a tangency maidens of nuance
 5) Drawback the puissant forest dew
 7) Or burn supernal society to the lowest cubit
 8) On the ground this week wed the third inhibited rupture
    Hardwired distortion boffins spontaneously combust patience
 9) In the index of idiocy temporal the biscuit rigging
10) Woman stabs cheques early - skunk utility flaw
11) Ghouls printer licence busily, ears bent
12) Is it so evolved clapped the thumper
13) Picaroons dowsing for hypnotic aphids solidified capacitycreeping
14) Creeping amplitudes of flatterypiecrust talon  burg anthill
15) Tautened piecrust, taloned mackerel
    Ears ablaze called patch day idyllic
17) Boy adhered in the fountain anointed field theroy
18) Haute cerebral impedance none downhill
19) Sprite's conclave assembled in silence
20) Studied external fragmentation over rum uncapped
    Everywhere imagines hello...
    Wanders under the infinite stars

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