more word recombination

chk chk chk

systems are online lets go

call <blank> on gas and lunch /// no

go clear mail and answer @ <redacted>

later to <redacted>

register for class

tonight clean house

call <redacted> & call <blank> about some payment


if by some miracle theres extra time,

_ – _ – _ load poems to wordpress


dizzy whizzy dizzy dizzy

possibly take cans to scrap metal

*church or buddhism or aa he was thinking

_ – _ – _ but he never gets a non-work day

You owe it to yourself to live clean

_ – _ – _ live in a clean house

Cash cash cash cash

_ – _ ? Going to just go downhill when you get paid?

<author’s intejection: asshat.  you don’t have a clue>

_ – _ Well it seems to be getting better

Need that gas . . . . will scrap metal be a gain


Most important things:

_ – _ <shopping list>

_ – _ <shopping list>

_ – _ <shopping list>

_ – _ <shopping list>


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