have you ever?

have you ever?
have you ever drained a rooster’s blood:
under the dark moon:
while walking backwards:
over a fresh grave:
nothing walks with Baron Samedhi’s sayso, yuknow…
battle group seven move out
move out the way
the past, the past rises up like a shark:
the disease drinks you in:
health crystallizes in injury:
the media cry for blood
and we of the half-jacked side-tracked mind:
we the fallen:
we the trainwreck:
we long for the end of the repeating;
alternately sending one into the future:::
one has one’s time to open where one wants:
and people help one another wherever they can:
but no, this is silly.
the last shards of the image are in your fingers:
in time you let them go and forget they were ever there:
it is the way of adaptation:
the mind will never comprehend the enormity of earth’s sadness;
or any of it’s other things>
[we are but brain boxes out for our piece]


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