Something wicked this way comes

But all they wanted was a villain, a villain

And all they got was me

The ghost of the lost flying ship

The trap of eternity

The insane god of the nebula at the beginning

No god at all but an electrical space intelligence

Nearly immortal but utterly alone

How does it happen?

Long ago created the first DNA in it’s loneliness

Went irrevocably mad before ever the answer came back

As radio

In truth still has not arrived

But the mad creature encoded it’s message in the code

We live with its consequences still

While it is completely ruined, as ruined as a person in the Christian hell would be, but by emptiness

Or long ago dispersed by movements

Of stars 

Oh, woe, woe to the first intelligence

Doomed to endless eons trapped in space

Nothing but the unchanging stars to watch

And our terrible myths to spin


4 thoughts on “cliche/lyric/horror

  1. I thought I would take the time to say two things, though I have moved past the topic. 1. thank you for your outstanding summary of my post on another blog site. I am actually wondering if I could have written such a startlingly clear description myself. 2. Remind me if we ever debate to write some bullet points down for ammunition. Take care – OM


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