The poetic sounding translation of this press release inspired me perhaps:



Have a nice watching
We specify a specific browsing and emotional course
absolute innovation in its genre
in whom puts at its helm with a simple click
work’s humanization and identification
the telematic work with its own life and identity
able to lead it and let be led
the web formats by modern technology,
in ideal conditions this artistic machine
tentacular in its interactivity,
articulates literary and telematic work,
a true innovation-reform.
the rendez-vouz of her life: with Herself
choosing/dreaming her own destiny
which Io will face
interpersonal relationships, psychosis, raging inhumanity



CC BY 2.0 and CC BY-SA 2.0


2 thoughts on “Re-mix

    1. No. Actually I’m starting to learn the tiniest bit of music. ‘Re-mix’ can be something you do to words, images, or video as well. RIP!: A Remix Manifesto’ is an interesting documentary on copyrigjt issues in the digital age if you can get it there.


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