Adult Content (reasons why we blog in secret)

Well Hello, WordPress

Having gone off on another insane bender for a few days… I suppose I should spend the remainder of this returned merchandise card on cough syrup instead of booze.  It’s the only thing that relieves the pain without producing more.

Yes, you heard me cough syrup.  You all laugh at those dopey teenagers getting high on cough syrup.  But it is in fact a potent dissociative drug, with a variety of interesting medical properties.  For one, it prevents the development of opiate tolerance while increasing the analgesia provided by the opiates.  It has some interesting effects around an acetylcholinic something or other receptor (nicotinic acetylcholine 4xyz i forget) which is connected with addictions of various sorts (DXM having the effect of suppressing the anxiety produced by having a receptorthat’s over active). And generally relieves anxiety of the existential types.

And to the various people who don’t understand why a Secret blog is necessary.  I leave you to ponder your ignorance which you maintain by isolating those of us with real problems.  That’s at minimum one person in five.  Which you aggravate.  By your lies, as well as your callousness.

So expect to see more posts within a few days.  Maybe I’ll even start going to AA although I severely dislike the disease theory of addiction to begin with.


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