Cat pummels the belly

House sleeps

Tiny myriad incandescents radiate

Life lived out of balance throwing me out of

My post semester groove

Hangover icks & fear of insomnia

Gifts to be spent await

& and those I gave as IOUs still to be ordered

Was not on a ball ’tis season

Back to town tomorrow

Settle the fort & remove the remaining dead spots

To basement

One semester of unbroken flow ahead , I hope

Into the darkness we see

Seeking the state of unstruggling mind

Breathe in

The ice sheet still blankets Gaia

& the parsleys live I hope

Holiday; to all a good night


A disjoint sequence.

Writting on tablets iz hard.  Brevity alters meter and screen makes lines longer.  How am I constrained by line length of college ruled?


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