funlowlowresgen Schema

code Is Poetry

scrap Generators

lil’lif Class Isomer

global set var sequence

Underscore bits open UI


peel > persona.veneer ; get img {take a look}

Code gen generators


endup rightways

else ++ days

insert << buffer clearance chi

kite_scheme : random flag #a.throw

alert! dart :

Exception Handler // No Method

Unacceptable Exception

x.array : polymorphism ? > .invocation@

fn () integral_symbol_verse_fix.snake

vohz & bogons

./unlock mutation-capability.dev.js

stack outerjection

{catch : sprites} {check : method }


logical match


Heuristic modified

hash value *************



big image: https://lostinmist.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/funbig.jpg

Photo sources:

fractally things: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 || Anders Hoff || flickr: shall-be-lifted

red symbols: CC BY-NC 2.0 || Tantek Çelik || flickr: tantek

graph paper: CC BY-NC 2.0 || Kieran McGlone || flickr: kieranmcglone





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