Words rose on the water and took flight under their own power

Man was created

And woman

The land was fresh and new

A sparrow sang out

The sun glistened down in crystal shards

Stirring that feeling of dark watery magic

Elusive hope drifiting in

For a moment

Built with stone it did not flee

It stayed and grew, a muddy pool

Seeded with teeming life

Silver threads of silent sprouts rose to the sky

Twining about the bushes

From their buds came silver insects

Who turned green on their second day

Then grew golden lines

They developed muscles and wandered the air and the earth

They made love to the flowers of their mother and all her terrestrial sisters

Spreading over the barren, still terrain

The seeds of life

It was a good day

Coalescing into a pulsing orb of fire

They exploded with implausible rapidity

Over the land at the speed of light

Their web of light crystallized, suddenly wrapping the earth

Now an electromagnet, larger than life

The geometry of the minerals and the creatures shifted under its influence

Becoming sculpted talismans

Living and breathing

Transforming energy into flying packets

The exchange proliferated without direction



Creative in its emergent chaos

New forms roiled and contested

Gradually shifting into sensual symbiosis with one another

Deliciously caressing one another’s lines of power and motion

Smooth flow was ascendant

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