Note To Self.

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Consider this an oath,
Keep it between the two of us both.IMG_4270
Seal this promise, take it to the grave.
All only begins with the decision to be brave.
Please remember this, It’s okay to look back on occasion to reminisce.
But be aware of your limits, keep in mind,
In order to move forward, you must leave every past occurrence behind.
Those who left weren’t worthy, and all the catastrophes have past.
Focus on the now and I assure you, the future will be greater in contrast.
Chase after your aspirations, fearlessly strive towards your every desire.
Pursue all passions for a happiness that won’t ever retire.
You’re capable of far more than you let yourself believe.
You’re far more astonishing than others originally perceive.
Persist with your originality – endlessly remain gold.
Chin up towards the galaxies, never fear to be breathtakingly bold.
Neglect those insecurities, no two humans…

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They were right when they said you’re not enough,
you are beyond ethereal, a glistening diamond in the rough.
An astonishingly distinctive combination of atoms,
a breathing poem with more depth than the heavens can fathom.
Even with your endlessly unraveling thoughts, still, you are more than you think,
intimidating earth’s creations with the slightest motion, your every blink.
Every eyelash flutter sends ocean waves crashing against the shore,
visual proof that you are destined for more, greatness galore.
You are the human form of the goosebumps produced from a chill,
the existing adrenaline rush of a mid roller-coaster thrill.
Formed of a trillion microscopic stars, an intricate blend of constellations,
with a mind fully equipped with promising aspirations.
Sunshine with a chest that rises and sinks in dominant flames,
light flowing conveniently along the path of the golden blood within your veins.
The effortless exuberance the moon displays isn’t…

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Verily I say unto thee,
Thy diamonds are naught but dust
Verily I say unto thee,
It may yet all turn out good
Verily I say unto thee,
That all paths lead to me
O! My love is great
Who will come to claim it?
Must I choose but one?
How is this just?
Can there not be a sharing and an openness?
I sigh in ecstacy, and sip my wine
The journey is not yet begun
But it is full of gleaming promise

Star crossed, he dreams of love
Burning plastic floats phantomly into the nose
Reminding me of good work done
Demonoid picotant grows gross with frustrated thoughts
Moving to adjust, he dropped through layers of expectation, looking for the first cause
The Attilas came charging to destroy liberal democracy, seeking to legalistically force cultural conformity and hate and fear on all the children
Finding the linchpin he pulled it out
The whole structure collapsed
Examining the piece of metal in his hand, he quested after its nature
Knowing its secrets, he threw it in the crucible to melt

In the haze before awakening
I think about jet boats built on force fields
A pill shaped hemisphere of force below the hull
And a jet tube beneath that
Able to handle the 2000mph
In the previous post
And pretty hard to smash
What odd dreams do I have
Why the necessity to go so fast?
Because we will need to go very fast indeed
To escape the doom of climate change

A saintly gesture leaves us guessing
The timepieces all began to ring
Our dust called to us to reduce
The dream of the hurricane and floods washing away all our cities and ships
Later, in speedboats, we tear through the water at 2000mph
Down the last remaining strip of land, all paved over, in a pool.
At the end, in the winners circle, is the image of a frog
The mile wide methane plumes of the arctic sea
Spell a further doom

A chaos of themes erupts
A time of allowing anarchy to thrive
Sleeping in the gasses of the fossils
Needing no ones permission
We let our troubles slip away
All the time it is a guess at ecstacy
Needling, our minds search for the flaw
Picking, we are forever unquiet
Worrying, we miss what’s under our nose
The dream is forever unreal
A distribution of bread catches our eye
We go
A time is had of waiting
And we have it!
On the way home, we pause to draw water from the well
The well that never runs dry

Adrian Blevins: An Ode to the Erection

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I sing, for my daughter, of shanks and shafts and the endearing contrast between the mind’s affairs and the body’s undiscriminating inclinations.

This is a midget and perhaps very foolish ode, I kid you not, to the erection. I’m writing it for my baby girl, who’s just now taking an afternoon nap inside her exemplary body on the big bed she was born in. I take on the expedition, too, for her friend Charlotte, who just turned 2 in April, and for the companions the both of them will have in the years to come.

I was myself a doe in the headlights when it came to sex. I was a grasshopper on the windshield of a Dodge Durango. I was a wee strawberry below the steel-toed boots of some mean-assed fisherman. My parent did sit me down for “the talk” when I was about 11, and my father, a…

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