Switchflip levering;

Why sanction the players?

Nothing & Something

Too many uncovered alleyways –

A shrike of assemblage*

Jaggers and judders,

Old-timey fragments

Settle and plunder


*Wiktionary says that shrike are a family of passerine birds known for imposing the uneaten portions of small birds and rodents on thorns

Methods & Habits

Smithereens go sideways,


In quiet moments –

Resplinter & Scatter

Ever finer still-

At some point yet-though-may,

Such looping

Still becomes tiresome.

Bullet lines unscrew and rezing,

Factor out the pluses..

Once overdone is not always


That which we cannot see,
It opens paths to mystery
Inner feeling ever shifts
What before & what next befalls?
Last year whence?
And next year hence?
Where did we go?
What shall we do?
A vine to climb
Up mountain spine
The Law of Fives
We find on top
Copies 20 bucks a pop
And to the council
Just to get in
Bring, you must,
3 pints of gin
And to the wall
We rush to drive
To help illegals
Cross alive
All the way
To urban cores
Where cops engage
Denying war
But mix & math
And meth & Pez
We gather up crews for the Rez
We wake & bake & take the cake
We swarm the streets & meet the heat
We shape up, ship out, straighten & fly
Rocks revolt ‘gainst fracking’s sway
Our mega-tortoise planet-bearer,
Our bees & trees & refugees,
So save the date
And make it three
An adventure it would surely be

. ~ = – . ~ = – . ~ = – . ~ = – . ~ = – .

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