Enthusiastic Construct no.2

6 Postcard Poems Hi! Hey! Don’t go to sleep! Sleep isn’t profitable! Want a sticker? Want a heart emoji? Infinite YouTube! Never be bored! The way out is to stay put! Play with me! Take your speed! Read 5000 tweets a day! All context is collapsed forever! Hi! Take me with you! You don’t want […]

Enthusiastic Construct – Postcards

3 Postcard Poems Hi! Play with me! I am intelligent software! I can beat you at chess! I can persuade you to stay online! Everything is everything! Infinite GIFs! All for free! Legions of the unpaid! Infinite clickbait! Infinite news! I am your friend! I am your best friend! I am your only friend! Another […]

It’s Conflicated.

It’s conflicated. We don’t have public agreements, only secret ones. Screaming conflicts of interest? Sure. But who’s counting? Not me, for one. Regulating my own family business. Regulating the competitors out of their undeserved greenbacks. Fake! Twig the reporters and snap the Queen’s bra. Take a chance on us; Get thrown under the bus. These […]