When in the middle of the night

Waking on a sudden zap

You think on your mountain of piled sins

And in each instance

See reflected the ignorance of children

Then you imagine that you are without aim

And then betray your sense of valuelessness

Then at certain dark predawn moments

Gather puffs of ominous uncertainty

You see how far from our daily questions

The deep sense of the real can flow

Puzzle Tree & Puzzle Factory -Panopticon

just found that you can use { – } in youtube searches. so searching for
“puzzle tree”
brings up [almost] entirely stuff about monkey puzzle trees, while searching for
“puzzle tree -monkey”
brings up other stuff, nada about monkey puzzles, including this, which is chill and ominous:

Beyond the Puzzle Trees -Paul Grimwood

Breaking free
Change of scenes
A slide of perspective
A way to move forward
No sanctions please
No proof or peace
Collapse of the wave
Find them some grace


Features set in glass
Likeliest methodology to produce a victory
Some grace befuddles the censors, while others fills expectations
No one looks too hard at the type that held the clueless transfixed
Mildly put, someone broke into your mind undetected
None but the dolphins can parse the truth
Hapless competitors show the way..