Curving Space

Steaming strength
Of all there was we were one
But multiplicities abounded
The universe shattered into an infinity of jewels
Curving around back on itself
In the most intricate and vast of ways
We looked out on it in awe
The Scopes Monkey Trial notwithstanding
Feeling your way to a resolution of apotheosis

Call coming in

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HDPE backpack sprayers loaded up over white tyvek with acetone walk single file under the white hot sun in silence to the old oak trees falling apart limb by limb— Plastic clocks recycled from the old schools hung from the last branches with cheap hemp twine— Smell of urine accumulates on soggy feet release— No clouds in years— HDPE backpack sprayers each assigned to a dead tree with a recycled clock sprayed under the white hot sun after 9/11 with acetone atomizes through the red nozzle sprays a fine mist through the hissing tsetse air— Clocks hung from trees like white wheat people disappointed melt under a white hot sun— Each one assigned to eradicate the last ones hissing— Smell of urine again clenching bung shut from spilling into white tyvek after two days is no longer an option— Release— Level 3 tunnels black microcosm— No more clocks hang from…

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Ventilator / ALS

My sister just inside
On her ventilator
In the bed that is her home
Surrounded by eye-operated computer
TV with cable and Netflix
And 24 hour care
Mom, sister’s husband, and a rotating cast of nurses
The birds have covered the porch steps
With dropped seeds or shells
No one cleans them up
Iron chairs on the porch
And an iron railing
All with some decorative work
The birds are like gravity defying quicksilver
The squirrels are like lemurs in their proficiency
Climbing and leaping, hopping along the ground
Like a high bouncing rubber ball in a tree
At what was Grandma’s house,
When she lived
Now adapted for handicap access
For my sister
Who no longer needs it
Except to get in and out for doctors’ appointments
The flowers on the table are lovely
NPR on the radio
I sit writing in the other room
Mom tells me to stay put
Until my sister is finished urinating
Then to turn the faucet on to a loud trickle
To help the process
I am here recovering from my last binge
And although I am fully recovered now
My house remains unlivable
We plan to work on cleaning it, one day soon
Until then I will be here
At least other than for sleep
My sister and her husband are territorial
My staying here does not go over
But oh! We’re going to the farm for the weekend
There to do some chores and make some money

[note: Ashley was unable to make it to the fireworks yesterday,
but they did take her out for a ‘walk’ in her chair with her
ventilator, she does occasionally go out, I think they went to
the zoo recently, but the battery life is very limiting]


Cats play
Dogs pay
A thousand darts and inklings
Those who screw
And those who blew
Collected facts and sinkings
A drop of blood
A puddle of mud
A million lights are blinking
Screaming for light
Screaming to fight
As you do your thinking

Hybrid Poem

My mother is devoted to her daughter
That much is clear
She used to smoke
As I work my dead end job
I fear I will never amount to more
As I age, the fear of aloneness grows
Although not reaching the dread of a few years ago
My parents were unable to fully equip me for real life
All they taught was careerism
Not all the ins and outs of people
I do hope they don't see this
I paid for features, I was unable to snooze
The alcohol amounts to so many missed memories
As does the pot
Though the other drugs do not
Calling up all the collected fears
My mother does the best she can for me
We are, together, bringing me back out of the morass
My job is semi-ok
But does not pay near enough
Fight for Fifteen!
I am single lo these many years
With but very few ultra short term affairs
The longest being a sexless month
Phantoms haunt me less than in years past;
Though they still wreak occasional destruction
But no, that was unkind people, not phantoms
Some dreams are doomed, some are of substance
Some deals go down without warning
Grave slurs on the male name stalk me when I try to reach out
Mainly 'creepy' and 'stalker,' for no reason
I take great care to respect boundaries,
Yet it makes no difference
People are two-faced
Not to be outdone, he took his business elsewhere
This city is cruel to outsiders and the mentally ill
My neighbor tells me internet dating will be a great help
I have yet to get around to it
I do not fit the conventional mold though;
So I am skeptical whether it will work
Reasoned responses and time to think
Needing to move far slower than I would like
My sister is a perpetrator of these neuroses
My mother has no comment on them
And I do not share them with my father
Some friends and acquaintances agree that
	I was treated very unfairly in this last round
We All the Small Ones chimed in to say, "it was ever
	thus and so, or so and thus, yet see disclaimer
	and terms of service."
My mother read to us and sang us lullabies
Yet we played video games
And lived far from all our friends
Due to the magnet school effect
But that gave me more exposure to black people than the
	average bear
I will admit I have made some mistakes with women
Yet this last, I was totally in line with stated preferences
I wish I did not keep coming back to this
Did not feel the urge to explain myself
But slanders may be following me
And I have no way of addressing them back
Perhaps it is like Br'er Rabbit and the Tar Baby [? not use ?]
No sympathy for the devil
In the articulata of an egocentric thought
My mother and father both cooked for us
My mother and father both cleaned
Although Dad mainly put away and organized
Mom did the rest
Dad had the bad habit of screaming at her in anger
Mom had trouble keeping up with business
We are procrastinators
Some dreams go unpunished
But not mine
What else would I like to add?
Only that I am innocent of all serious allegations
Everyone makes mistakes
Mine have haunted me more than is fair
The lies stalk me
I have no recourse
But to continue, and try again

The Dreams Come and They Go

A slivered silvering of collective sighs
Night on the sturmling sea
A long time to collect and a long time to plant
Seeds of revolution covered the disturbed soils
Some nightmares were true and complete
Our great protector returns, and tells his smaller
	descendant to make ready
Aeons in the future
The xenophobic aliens were on their way
The first ever three dimensional novel with multimedia
	and countless crossing lines
The beauty of the dreams uncounted
Silvered in the air of transcendence we become ourselves
Not to be taken uncertain in times of transcendence
Objects of admiration are taken to be uttered
	without cause
Too many, to many, were the thoughts of destruction
Animations and travails were wrought of the oceans of
A structure of rottenness was introduced
I have taken too many symbols into the fold
All on the way to roughness is the waking instant
Too many symbols to count
Being, he wrought mathematics
Being, he opened his heart
Being, he propelled the conversation
Ceasing, he became more
Ceasing, he unwound too many times
Ceasing, he overlooked many flaws
Beginning again, he cooked up

To Unrelenting Opponents of the Same-sex Marriage Ruling

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Many religious people feel that they need to fight for their religious right. But the thing is, they have not yet lost anything. They still have the freedom to believe whatever they want, say whatever they want, and worship at any available place of worship. There is an outcry over this ruling because they want to maintain the ”right” to be prejudiced against other people and to legally discriminate against someone on the basis of sexual orientation. 

To Unrelenting Opponents of the Same-sex Marriage Ruling.

The Boy Was Simple But Never Sane

The words of birds are forever planted
We drift back into the territory of Menagerie
Tearing up the shreds of the tickets
The boy was simple but never sane
The terrorist never rests from his campaign
The heat outside is never for you
Overload of the beast, charring smoke
Come dance, come dance! the beast is come!
Not knowing how is not no excuse
Topping the gasoline before lighting the fuse
Searing the pain from the flesh with a flame
Seeking the manager of life-forms
The beasts are not to be trifled with
Detangling marks to the fore
Needling the oceans for their toxins
Ripping a portal into their floors
Broken by solids, torn by the room
Identifying marks all mixed and stirred
Observations collecting inside of your head
Robbing lions of their tea
Sifting through oxygen and the weather
Alack and arrack, the dirty boy’s home
Eaten by reptiles over by the river
Tipped to the waste by alert citizens
Trembling from the fear of the harpies
Trembling from dread of the night ethereal
Steps on the way to your doom
Some gasp and some sing, while some dance in rings
Denying the power will do you no good
‘Ribbit’ the frog goes ‘Cthulhu’ say beasts
No way out and no way around
Some will go with it, some be destroyed

This is an example of what I call a non-linear poem, where the lines are written all out of order although there is sometimes coordination, not pure stream of consciousness. I actually wrote down the order they came in on this one if people get very interested I could type it up. Enjoy!


Viroids and crenarcheota
Links to earlier life and the age of the RNA world
Lightning in a bottle or deep sea hydrothermal vents?
Standing by to take all of this in
And the cosmic microwave background
Ending the times of the anaerobic
The conquest of land by humble moss
Archaea use ether lipids for membranes
And metabolic pathways not found in others
Days when echinoderms were the most advanced forms of life
Imaginable numbers of years ago
Wikipedia expands the mind at an accelerated pace
The totalled up biomass of the planet
The carbon cycle
All hydrogen gas and helium lost to space
High pressure forms of life and silicon and methane
The animals arising much later
And the iron-sulfur mineral bound origin theory
What came even before RNA?
Don’t forget about the late heavy bombardment
We are still at risk for a massive asteroid impact
And climate change imperiled us all
All the research would have required massive stacks of books

Video: Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets Disrupt Istanbul Gay Pride Parade

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On July 1, 2015, Turkish police officers disrupted the annual Istanbul gay pride march, violently dispersing peaceful crowds as they gathered at the city’s iconic Taksim Square.

Istanbul’s annual march has been taking place in the city for over a decade, and the numbers of those attending have increased throughout the years.

The police actions on Sunday were an apparent response to the sudden banning of the event by Istanbul governor’s office, which reportedly decided to outlaw the march as it coincided with the holy month of Ramadan.

Undeterred, crowds began congregating on nearby streets, only to be fired upon with tear gas, rubber bullets, and water cannons by the police. Marchers told VICE News how they were attacked and injured by the heavy-handed police actions.

Despite this, pride marchers continued to gather on the streets until the early hours of Monday morning.


Read Vice News report: “Turkish Police Use…

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