That which we cannot see,
It opens paths to mystery
Inner feeling ever shifts
What before & what next befalls?
Last year whence?
And next year hence?
Where did we go?
What shall we do?
A vine to climb
Up mountain spine
The Law of Fives
We find on top
Copies 20 bucks a pop
And to the council
Just to get in
Bring, you must,
3 pints of gin
And to the wall
We rush to drive
To help illegals
Cross alive
All the way
To urban cores
Where cops engage
Denying war
But mix & math
And meth & Pez
We gather up crews for the Rez
We wake & bake & take the cake
We swarm the streets & meet the heat
We shape up, ship out, straighten & fly
Rocks revolt ‘gainst fracking’s sway
Our mega-tortoise planet-bearer,
Our bees & trees & refugees,
So save the date
And make it three
An adventure it would surely be

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Unveiling — Dark Matter

You laugh at me, say it’s not the apocalypse, say it’s not good that I should be this worried. I know it’s not the apocalypse. That’s your word. I have my own word for this. I call it the Unveiling — which is, by the way, what your word originally meant. You’ve turned the thought of secrets revealed into […]

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Series B – Cards #54-58


Fortune Telling Parrot + CageFortune Telling Parrot + Nasty Cage

Got yr wrk cur out fr u, ind-
eed. Nosferatu waits by the
doorway. He will not be persua-
ded to diet on wheatgrass &
hemp milk easily. Do not be
discouraged. The ship of sta-
te steers like a blunderbuss
beset by squirells & parrots.
Most are incensed; the scent
is sandalwood. Overland, the
soothsayers grow wings &
endogenous peptides of novel
types. Rebinding & cleansing
happens, but daily rites of
unbinding are the way. Entangle.

::: continuation… of sending surprises to therapists in the 20003 and 10022 nearby areas. haven’t been keeping records of which specific cards go where; but that is likely to hold. some have been sent to DC poets. But 40ish are still unposted. I’ve finished addressing all the therapist cards that are getting written, but 30-40 are still unwritten. the Synaptic Syntactic manuscript has been my major…

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Series B – Cards #99-104



Smelting the whales’ bones in
the absence of nitrogen rend-
ers switchflipped antimatter….
All on the other methodical
palm, some snails were pon-
dering new prions for the
bipeds… But not to be said
or skewered, one before the
other was most unwound….
In all the alien alkaloid
grasses was a semblance of
other, a purpose for truth,
a notion of weatherbeaten
robustness, a concept of love.

::: continuation… of sending surprises to therapists in the 20003 and 10022 nearby areas :::

In the annals of dream-
time, there were many that
exceeded what most believ-
ed were hard boundaries…
This one is unique, to our
knowledge, but our knowl-
edge is really quite small.
The keys, however, are pref-
erably not blurted out every-
where. In times of rain, in
times of dust, in times of
each carefully selecting
their own singular tesserae,
we star on the…

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nature knows

resarf poetry


nature knows ( under a minute of read-thing )

yes nature knowsthe price of teain china liketheir steel it's cheapthe saying goesas followed throughplease see abovenow back to youas it's all mathsuncharted mapsthe margins &the paragraphsconfusion reignson subject brainsyet kings aintnature - smudges staina wonky smileof maybes toozephyrus westbreeze sneeze a cluethere's wicked tricksplus booby trapsso please fill inthe many gapsthus help us outis this a quiz?yes buzz in ifyou think it iswith answers pleaseplease some of those& no cheatingas nature knows...

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Series B: Cards #89-93



In the annals of looking-
glass time, in the manner
of certain people, we found
a change of skin. Such as
the ways of moon-mice that
we knew of, there were
methods of breaking loose
minds from their injuries
& conceits. Afloat on the
associative (note: not commut-
ative) stream, he awoke to
a hidden mechanism crack-
ing into all his attempts at justice

::: These went out a while ago. Still covering parts of DC and NYC. Still sending to mental health professionals. Though some have now gone to poets, too. The missing number will be posted, too. No more than one post a day. Many of the missing ones only went out on Friday, though. Image credit, link to postcard files, etc. at bottom. :::

Rapping on the walls, he
pondered whether there might
be hidden microphones. Wrap-
ping up the session, he consid-
ered new…

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Eight Line Bleed


Everyday messages

Endlessly come

Cancel unsubscribe

Just is not done

Cut-purse feelings

Stolen back again

Resist the war

More than a pen


Image: Conner Lee Carey
Face-Meltingly Good Short Fiction Review: May We Shed These Human Bodies
Message of the Day: Psychic Fugue Studio