Oppose Russian War by Updating Your Software and practicing good computer hygiene

one thing we can all (most of us) do to oppose russia’s inhumane and deliberately destructive war is to make sure our operating systems and software are updated, run a virus scan, log out of unused accounts and take good care of your machines going forward the machine is giving me trouble about the article […]

“The Predator in the Darkness” an unrevised creative nonfiction paper about mountain lions. i have to turn my phone back off now because the last message from my dad was offensive

cnf-ex4-lions.docx I would like to say that I had an encounter with a mountain lion, but in truth, I can’t say what it was. I think the beast was within about 10 feet of me, 20 at the most, but I never saw a thing. I was sitting by a campfire, alone, in a dark […]

A Comparison of Diversified Versus not Diversified Economies in 2 Pictures

2019 figures comparing Moldova and Russia’s economy. Russia’s is over 75% extractive resource industries. Moldova’s has no noticeable extractive resources on the chart (I am counting wood products as renewable in both cases. Which of these economies will be more resilient to change and disruption? Which one will be easily brought to it’s knees by […]

The Ukraine War April 15th and 16th – 13 Tweet Chain

1st The Kyiv Independent: ⚡️More than 10,000 volunteers register to help rebuild Ukraine.

The volunteers currently work in the demined areas of Kyiv Oblast. They are cleaning the streets by picking up dismantled debris and participating in the search operations, according to the State Emergency Service.
9:07 AM · Apr 16, 2022


Originally posted on Dark Matter:
In my heart (although it’s been yearssince my last smoke) I’m still endingmost conversationswith the thought of the arc of a flicked spark— cherry on the end of a butt — into a nearby puddle  which means most of the timein my heart it’s been raining and the notionthat such an action is…