Scoring (Non-Linear Poem)

Sleeping through the dust
You are the type primate to them
Collect and destroy
Dream memories
Collect and destroy
Singling out the dissenters
Singling out the consenters
Stumbling out to the horizon
Some thoughts to work out
Work out injury
Furry teacups
Amateur hour
Slipping out of the frame of reference
You wish to be known,
Quantum fizzics
Tripping on discontinuous phenomena
A challenge to interpret
What is next?
A war of revolution
A win and a loss
A challenge to overcome
Cats have never seen a monkey
Too much to be done
Something you have and something you steal
He’s a neurochemical expert
Cold milk for breakfast
Gather calories
Hangover over
The measure of a man

Meditation 7-29

Twittering in the evening the birds–
Unwritten untrammeled and filled with space
Going deep into the place of lies–
The meditative vision of many paddles on the one hand
All things I resist
Rotating in front and very near my face
The dummy bust controller
And on the other hand,
Rotating the four or five I do at more distance, and headless
No wonder which one I prefer
And the waves of anger beyond repeating
Some things to be angry about; water under the bridge
And the rotation of thoughts, the addiction, driving off all these items
A few moments of silence found
The dream of cosmic-planetary scales overnight
Triumph over the things

Plastic Blocks

Bundling packets of powder
Up early and 32% in
The strangest dream
Everything disintegrates into plastic blocks, still having personalities
One president shot by his candidate-brother
A failed space shuttle launch
And we pick the next one before this even takes office
At the end all swearing allegiance to the tree of life
And kingship was not handed down by the gods
Ending your entreaties you make your own way
Humility a virtue?
Be proud of who you are
What is the next man proud of?
The clanking of the irons forever hurting your ears
Time to say enough, and spring free

Puzzling out the names
When your time comes to receive knowledge,
You will see
Perhaps that time is now
Is the strength within to hold to your aims?
Miss no more deadlines,
And do not disappoint
Reject reality forever
Slipping on the intertubez
Intertwining threads of fate
Gather and meet forever
Some go through with it, some do not
Yet before…
Before you were a wreck
And now to gather up your things and depart
Bumping into others
Not seeing for what they are
And yet…
Ready to climb,
Ready to be,
Ready to live.

What is the puzzling N icon on my phone?
Almost looking like it could stand for NSA?
Why is there no information on it?
The cockroaches attempt to be rebranded
Stilling the heart for the moment
Vigorously promoting your victories
And whence the great sky god?
To be is the question
Never to be undone
The V for vendetta
Is coming to a head
Totalitarians should be fearful
The Jabberwock returns for another round
Apparently it was for NFC. Now switched off, as is Bluetooth.

The tweak-ed weekend
Putting your idiocy and foolishness on for all to witness
Treating them as nothing
But forever being broke
The flies collect
The dead bodies in the whiskey bottle
Try not to drink them
End of the end of the end
The ligatures of monogamy
The strictures of polyamory
Gathering and collapsing
And forever restrained
No ways shall we see it
No way shall we do it
Collapse into quark stars
And let forever be.

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