4 Tweets of Eventide

Attaching methods to strangers
Waiting to see
To see what new glamours arise
To see what shakes out of the box of bouncy balls

Happily they went along
Banging like trance on the state of drum
Pouring through piles and reams of code
To see what fresh votes to call

Maceration of in unturned brain soils
Sprouting psychedelic blooms or others
One among several clues in to aeons

In meeting of minds, a greater hidden Persona rises
In night of shadow dream spectacular sequence
Seeing <aia> open with spark

Tetris as a Metaphor for Life

The pieces are always falling, and you are always spinning, jimmying them into position and together.. Eminently arranging your selves, your thoughts, your time bits and pieces and hours and days and weeks.. You put together things and sometimes they work out and bang, your lines disappear! And sometimes they don’t, or you miss deadlines, and you have a rising and unruly pile…..

But in this metaphor, Game Over is not death… it is the stacking and stacking of unresolved things, be they material or immaterial, rising and rising stressors, unfinished business to get around to one day, &c & etc.. Game Over is akin to a breakdown of one sort or another, loss of job, relationship, nervous breakdown, freakout, spiritual crisis.. Tetrising is a peak experience (in case you never knew/never made one, A ‘tetris’ is making four lines disappear with the straight piece at one moment!………

You arrange your time. Do you arrange it by lists or calendars, or vaguely in your head, or always make lists and always overload and fail them? Do you make progress to your goals…? All different ways of spinning and sliding pieces. Priorities and entertainments, accumulations of junk or bank accounts or spiritual progress… All pieces either on the ground or in the air…….

The pieces never do stop coming. A clean slate is possible.. But one should not necessarily aspire to a total emptiness… Are you happy with your zeitgeist? Or are you feeling that perhaps, some way or another, something must give, You Must Have A Reset! There is no reason to fear Game Over (well, perhaps…) But throwing your Very Own Game Over Party, is one way to have that reset on your terms… Or perhaps you need to get rid of half of what you own, or change careers, or go to treatment..

Only you, only your own Self-Concepts can say :::: Cheerio!

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To-Do Lists & Organization & Wholeness

In to-do lists, make time loosely blocked, yet if there is a fixed set that has shortly worked, do not neglect to consider it.

Do not overload list if you can, this is a downfall of disappointment

Leave room below for day notes. These will help you refine your approach and know strengths and weakness. Here add with ++ things to add for the day.

Make separate a list of all that other things not on the list of today. Make this list today. Make to-do dailies the night before…

Admit to self that there will be little interstitial things and distractives, but meditate on minimizing them

Seeming ever to be ready, burst forth into life!

Often there are hidden parts of ourselves that work to keep us small and out of fulfillment. These can be uncovered and worked with by methods inventive or prescribed. Is the dream really you, or is it a fantasy of evasion?

Tend to your four fires. That of coal, your basic level of life and health, that of flame, the enduring things projects passions that make you whole, and those of arc and star… (Evolutionary Witchcraft, chapter on North/Earth/Body/Material/Money)

Among times of Star, between times of Tube… See between pieces where to generate more time..

Lists and lists, my methods use 4 notebooks in a day currently…

Seeing between pieces the tools of opening.. Tools of creation.. Tools of balance.. Tools of true self..

Do not neglect to reduce isolating going forward, or if you have the opposite problem of lots of draining and distractive togetherness & messaging

Know or begin to search for your proper limits of what to take on..

Self, pride, power, sex, passion

Knowledge, law, liberty, love, wisdom… Note the sequences.. (EW, iron, pearl pentacles)

On the morrow one step closer,

On this eve, sleep in peace!

Blessed be.

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Self-Concept Commutative Telegrams x0001 five stars, I think..

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Meditation with Intention & Writing

Set focus of intention before meditation. Write those down to avoid fuzzy vague mindedness.

Select a card or random passage for advice

Write seven lines on your advice theme, fear not tangents!

Set timer for meditation


Making out breath counts longer than in breath releases relaxation forces, practice this

Or square breathing, in x, hold x, out x, hold x, repeat

Let thoughts flow without grasping, remind yourself of intention, visualize an image(s) (may help to pick this first), breath in truth and out not truth, practice self/soul alignment… Practices are many… Mantra or Mandela

Let flow, let daily anxieties and concerns be without feeding… Don’t push the river

Focus on your purpose or approach silence, either can feed purpose. What tensions are there? Learn to let be. Note the jaw; is it tight? Relaxed (teeth are not touching, but trying to force relaxation can be worse than accepting)? Clenched? A combination? This may take time to learn… The Harmony hypnosis app can help.

Or was it impossible to sit still? Was the mind boiling? These too are information.

Pick one thing or three, the necessity is not to do all. A few minutes are better than none. Worry not about perfection.

If you feel the need, rest or nap after, although napping may disturb night sleep in some.. Note what the dreams try to tell you.. Trust yourself; dream dictionaries are not always helpful.

If it feels right, on return, light candle, incense, bless coffee or tea or whathaveyou, select seed symbols or cards or words or passages, and proceed to write. Automatic writing can also be of the form ‘x is…, x is…, x is…, x is… …’, or loose and everywhere.

Unitarian Panpsychist Prayer

While at treatment, reading Nicotine Anonymous, and pondering that Higher Power had always been a bit of a nebulous philosophical concept for me, I decided that in order to ask to be free of nicotine, I needed to craft a prayer of my own. Reaction was very good on sharing. Our house dialectical behavioral therapy coach called it ‘rad’, and an Episcopal chaplain there in our house called it ‘theologically sound’. Reaction was also good at treatment open mic. Although I draw from numerous sources in my concepts including Evolutionary Witchcraft, Daoism, The Schroedinger’s Cat Trilogy, Chaos Theory and Emergent Systems, as well as Psychedelia, I actually do rather little magical practice and prayer has never been part of my process. But there is a great deal of life wisdom in Evolutionary Witchcraft, & T. Thorn Coyle’s later book, Make Magic of Your Life, which she describes as not a witchcraft book, but for general interest. It appears prayers can actually be answered… The wording is quite particular. I encourage you to use it or craft your own.

Universal Principle,

Who goes by many names & all names & no names, who is all genders & no genders, who is eternal of eternities, who is infinity of infinites, who is all things & some things & no things & void, who is in any being at any time, who is present in all worlds, both real & imagined, help me this day to be my truest and most whole self, help me this day to come into righter relationship with all beings, especially those close to me. Help me be of service to others, Universal Principle, & help me [act or be or blank] in right relation to myself, also. Great One, may I choose rightly of your endless intentions & possibilities for me. Who is All Faces & All Places & All N-Dimensional Spaces, Blessed Be. May I always remember, I am also Holy.


In focus, think of god, angels, the multiverse

Typical evening that triphead

Then to retranslate

All into symbols resembling sanity

Visions most fructulous, 5x the usual amount

A repeating new mantra, a very neat word

‘Bonkajeedevi’ follows through

A key to remember a key to remember

A key to remember the things to which one must not forget

A strike of anxiety on come down, a need for ethyl drink

A remembrance here after treatment, once funds exhausted

Never to have a day of such emptiness as the hangover four days later again

“Cunning, baffling, powerful” they say

A truth

Not that the steps are always necessary to work

Reassemble, I need you clear

You have goals

Clear mind, low anxiety

You are in physiological difficulty

It passes, abstract thought problems also

Ethyl drink will sabotage you, most times

Even periods of semi stability

Were bound to slip

Daily drinking,

Always an interference on creativity

Even three drinks of weeknights, too many on weekends

Bound to have spun you out of the job soon

The need of assigning meaning not necessary to mantras,

Remember it always, and remember the loss of time of avoidable sickness

And loss of memory of ethyl drink

Not to be paralyzed in illness,

Seems what is ordered

Such mote it be

And also to recall the Unitarian Panpsychist prayer

To remember that prayers can be answered

And intentions can be set to trips

Work into your process

And blessed be

Although before a thought to not drinking yet,

After the Holy Hangover of Void, a mood to avoid at all costs,

Yet time passes, and temptations are all around

See to it there is not a dose of purple that high again

Uncontrollable anxiety is to be avoided

As are anxieties of the more pedestrian sort..

Self-Concept Commutative Telegrams x0001

In times of rain, in times of dust

In times of all being put together by permutations of singular units

We think carefully of our issues and action plans

We think of each one being empowered to choose

Elements stack and align, each of our peptides has different things to say

In shade of gloaming shadow, the Piskies prepare the tricks for They

While each to the other recounts tales of how rebellion had seemed to them,

But this is early, the moment is not yet come..

In art, wait a few moments, not always striking the first thought down

Eyes follow from the walls & mirrors & trees & birds & paintings

Each to the other chanting

Think to yourself of gems,

The street-cars cross your path with endless bipedalled mysteries

Telegramming one another cues

A self-concept obsesses over past eddies

Yet always able

To burst forth in blooms of riots of the zeitgeist