New Primary Blog

My primary blog is moving from Verses of my Destruction to Spindle, Thread, Loom, Stitch, Trim ( until further notice). On this blog I will be doing at least one re-write (2 paper writings) plus editing as I type for each post instead of throwing the first pass up. I hope the results are appreciated. I will most likely be renovating some posts from my other blogs (also temerityofoptimism and firsttopicsindrugs.wordpress etc) to go up there as well. I hope the results are appreciated. I will be casting an eye more towards commercial publishing so things may not remain on the blogs for long. Some posts may continue to accrue at Verses of my Destruction, or may not. I don’t know. I guess any first passes that I wish to publish as is might. Verses of my Destruction will not disappear, although things may eventually begin to disappear from it. There is one teaser post up so far.

Murderous Pill, selected at random from ‘script

soundless drifting through columbus
silting the intakes and violence
ripping tides into silence
collapsing the core
slide into my portal
ask for Hugo
some time passes you meet the man on a beach
it is the wrong man
some thing you were never expecting comes to pass
the climate freezes
superstition rears its ugly head
some magic and some poison
i leave it to you to untangle
stretch your mind a little around this irritating bit of sand
corruption seizes you by the throat
the hex is lost
erased and gone
a little breathing space and more organization
a little drive and a little money
not much i do not need much
these dreams are small
and i can build them
where did the throttling force come from
and where did the other
trying to force the pill back out

Composite Keys, the Reshaping

Composite keys to the reshaping
This point in phase space hides between
The council and revolution
On a point of mass hysteria may I expound
The propaganda organism may build on truths as well as lies
Or on nonsense to spark inspiration
The application of random and directed action
May bring about some gradual change in consciousness
While unpredictable, it is preferABLE
The effects are unknown yet in some small wise
we can confound the forces of uniformity and oppression
As with Bit Torrent it’s in the seeding
Seeding small thoughts of chaos, little mysteries
Or pumping out your potent message for others to hear
Let it be said: paper is more potent than pixels
;impact; ::: force to brain
More to come, perhaps, when I’m rested
The cards are leading me to political action
I shall choose my own strange and cheap means
With only these two hands
A resurgence of satisfaction and greater self respect is indicated
Images will have to wait as I still cannot upload

Composite Keys

The key
All day trying to create
Awesome metaphor for the broken heart
Is how she does it
One mission for today
What may it be?
So fearful of all your broken hearts
And all transcendence
Mind on fire with false analysis
An opening note of insanity
27 songs that changed history
Some things are groundbreaking
Is that what I once sought?

Can we see the truth of the mind?
Was once in history human mind non-existent?
Created, invented things
You and the page were one
The mind was you, you were unobserved
Unitary, undivided against yourself
And matter, the world, was as it was
No other way
The eternal moment of zen
A sudden resurgence of poetry back to prominence
A sudden blow for the leading edge
The force of quality, excellence, flow
Concussive burst
Connection unstrung from electric spiderwebs and the rack
Altogether melding, the re-melding is hardest
a House has been deeply split
One side tormented
That background remains strongest
The giver of life


An interesting wikipedia clade: “Wikipedia trivia: if you take any article, click on the first link in the article that isn’t in parentheses or italic, and then repeat, you will eventually end up in “Philosophy”. from the mouseover text of which the picture for I can’t post for some reason. I find this fascinating and think it must have deep implications. Although I would like to point out that from philosophy the chain goes to reality to existence to world to human to hominini to tribe to biology to natural science before reentering the main loop experienced with all the other articles tested. I personally find human, reality, and especially tribe the most interesting of these links (although to be fair it was “Tribe (Biology)” not tribes of people. But tribe for biology emanates from our original conception of the word tribe.

Tested articles as follows:

10 steps from indefinite and fictitious numbers

17 steps from hebrew bible (which i accidentally clicked on instead of the first link in the above page (3rd link))

Supreme Court of Judicature Act 1873 (random page)
9 to contemporary philosophy
30 to philosophy

chicago police department 21 (random page)

The end of the chain or central loop you usually run into is thus

science to knowledge to fact to experience to experiment to hypothesis to explanation to set(mathematics) to mathematics to quantity to property (philosophy) to logic to reasoning to consciousness to quality (philosophy) to philosophy

Which “natural science” (which philosophy itself runs into above, remember) connects directly to science thus closing the 24 member loop at the center of wikipedia (unless i miscounted) (and thus the sum total of all human knowledge (oops strange loop))

Plotless Abstractions

Hexes in space, grid forms dimensional

Cross quarter silence changing to knight’s gambit

Visual textual dialectic constructing castles

I reside with the moon above

Chanting the secret names of the underneath

Walking in quietude with the sages


New blog name and new About page. Also new post on Spindle Thread Weave Stitch Trim later which has also been slightly renamed Poison

Vocal Chord

Crikey! The Djembe -
Strikes a sudden chord
Chordatum Chordata Core Data Cord
Silent to the sanctuary slip
Ring the roses rightly but rue it
The day that darker you turn dour
De-lightful, lit up like lscivious longing
Ringing the bells, wrongly and wretched
Climbing coolly higher, clone your charisma
Capture the flag, cut the cord
Calmly; bring to close
see my post on
in a minute. i do actual editing for those

Poem and Haiku

What is the understory schema?
Humbled in sleep we see
We see our selves lined up with many salvations
The greatness we feel intrinsic
Some semblance of a mystic experience granted
But duty calls one to arise and to coffee
If only we could fully grasp this saving dream
Seven rockets lift
Time, Perception, Space, Phantoms
And the three secrets
There is a new poem on my other blog where I’m
doing revisions before I post things. I do hope
tomorrow I find the time to begin reviewing my
past posts on Verses of My Destruction. The new
poem on the new blog is here:

get going

ufortune nest t tins d
remain real
yes you – we’re waiting
step up now
land on the walls of waves
rescind the fortune
seeing the edges while chained within walls
stepping – down , isolation
seeing the tunes bounce true
the ring of lightning the ring of our times
the rhythm
polite society
step the beat wrong
you help you now
no, don’t try to do anything else
you just help you until you can get up
get going

most of the ‘fireworks’ ive heard today sound a lot like guns and dynamite. this is in the city. i find this strange. of course i have actually gone to see if anything is blowing up in the sky around the sides or back of the house. but normally residential fireworks would not be that audible in the shower and certainly not vibrate the house…. and the absence of explosions in the sky….